What Is The Cutout Series?

What Is The Cutout Series?

Sometimes, when words stick to the back of my hands and refuse to move to my fingers, I need to find alternative ways to tell a story.

The Cutout Series started life cohesively on a board; a visual representation of a novel I am writing. A way for characters and themes to take on a new life. A life in colour, unburdened by narrative.

It wasn’t the Cutout Series then. The Cutout Series is the new life these pieces found. Away from the board. Away from the novel. Each one chosen to be shared on this blog from a place of intuition. For you to absorb as you wish, from where you are when you see them.

I love how something you think you are finished with can change shape, become something new. Like my painting ‘Past in Ashes.’

This concept can be translated to anything; Relationship, places, items, ideas…there is no limit.

We do not need to ‘throw things away’ in order to let go.

We can transform them.