The places we love/The places that love us

Where do you feel at home? What does home mean to you?

My mantra has always been that home is where the heart is, where your family is, where love resides so strongly that the walls around you or the landscape you wander matter not a jot.

It’s just not true, though, is it? You can love your family and still hate or dislike your home, or still not ‘feel like you are home.’

Perhaps home can be different concepts.

When you are with your family or dear friends, no matter where you are, you are home.

When you are in a physical place that make you feel calm and content, you are home.

When you are in your birthplace, you are home.

Home is where the heart is, and our hearts can be in many places at once.

Maybe it was another me?

I saw my car today, but it wasn’t mine

I wonder what she’s like this other me who drives my car

I hope she realises how cool she is

Tonight, I will go to sleep and join her

Sink into the deep leather seat, roll the window down, crank up some Queen

I want to break free, we’ll sing

and know that we already have